These pages document the python code for the SpiNNakerGraphFrontEnd module which is part of the SpiNNaker Project.

This code depends on SpiNNUtils, SpiNNMachine, SpiNNMan, PACMAN, DataSpecification, SpiNNFrontEndCommon (Combined_documentation).


The API for running SpiNNaker simulations based on a basic (non-neural) graph.

The general usage pattern for this API something like is:

import spinnaker_graph_front_end as gfe

# Uses information from your configuration file
# You might need to specify how many SpiNNaker boards to allocate

# Make the bits that do the computation
for each vertex to add:

# Connect them together so computations are coordinated
for each edge to add:

# Actually plan and run the simulation

# Get the results back; what this means can be complex
for each vertex:
    results += vertex.retrieve_relevant_results()

# Shut everything down
# Only your retrieved results really exist after this

# Analyse/render the results; totally application-specific!

It is possible to use GFE-style vertices in a neural graph (e.g., to simulate the external world). Talk to the SpiNNaker team for more details.


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